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Monday, May 09, 2005

Rite of Passage

Saturday was a truly significant day at Weaselmanor. Second youngest grandweasel had a transitional day. In the morning it was the dreaded third world kickball (known as soccer to liberals), then a quick ride to a legitimate ball field where it was his first T-ball game. And unlike the third world love fest of the morning, he got a chance to excell. One of the few 5 year olds who didn't require the dreaded "T", he snapped a single between two sleepy infielders and whacked a deep shot into the outfield. (Sadly even T ball has succumbed to mommyism- the long shot resulted in a single by rule rather than the legitimate double that he deserved.
On defense, he did an admirable job on first base. He needs to improve his reach, but he'll do just fine. Our daughter and son in law understand the importance of sport, coming from the background of school athletes. The older grandweasels all seem to excell in the sports of their choice (including kickball) and it's not for this old fat guy to raise them. Their parents are doing a splendid job and that is all we can hope for.
When I worry about the future of America, I can recall looking down from various airline trips I have taken and seeing playing fields throughout our great nation, As long as the tradition of citizen athlete prevails and the cowardly non-competitive liberal tea sippers are kept away from our kids, our nation will survive and prosper. God bless the coaches, volunteers and parents, and especially the wonderful kids who are taking the time to master the skills of teamwork and competitive success. It's a lesson that can transcend generations.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Bring Us Another Cripple To Kill

Unable to defeat George W. Bush at the ballot box or to kill conservativism in the arena of ideas, self absorbed liberals have turned to involuntary euthansia as their latest cause celebre. Since they are incapable of taking on anyone or anything that fights back, the cowards of the left and their lap dogs of the mainstream media sunk their cosmetic dentures into the Terry Schiavo case like a liberal dog chomps a tofu bone.

It had everything they wanted. George W. Bush wanted to keep her alive. And.... And....And??? Oh yeah, that was the whole deal. Oh sure, killing off Terry helped assuage their guilt for killing 43 million babies and....who am I kidding? They won't be happy if we kill 43 billion babies. The idea that any life OTHER THAN THEIR OWN has value, will never sink in to the self absorbed, self worhipping baby boom liberals. Ever since their mommies and daddies and mommy and daddy's servants told them that THEY WERE UNIQUE and the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE, these vain clowns BELIEVED IT. And if THEY AND ONLY THEY are perfect and desirous of everything, then cripples like Terry were not perfect and shouldn't be wasting their precious oxygen.

It started with abortions, of course. Killing babies because babies are so damn inconvenient. Now the handicapped. Very soon, old people. That's why democreeps are opposed to President Bush's plans to revamp social security. They know that once they are in power again, they can unveil their own plan: Kill The Old People.

Far fetched? I don't think so. If I told you five years ago that the American Court systerm in conjunction with the American government would kill one of our citizens simply because she was an inconvenience, you would have thought I was as nutty as George $orea$$. But now it has happened. And will happen again and again. As long as liberals control our Court system. For each case sets new precedence and new opportunities for amoral liberals to demonstrate their lack of morality and compassion. And the media and the immoral world of pseudo science will be there beating the drums and blowing the trumpets. ME, ME, ME. And by the way, screw you. You are not ME. You are not the center of the universe as I AM. MY MOMMY TOLD ME SO.
And she would tell you that today. Except that I had to go on vacation so I had her plug pulled.
She would have wanted it anyway. Say, did you just cough?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Locked Out In The Cold

Imagine my surprise when I attempted last Thursday to log onto my blog and couldn't. Having just returned from my mother's funeral, a lack of blog access was not paramount in my mind. I tried a couple of times in the intervening interval, trying out various user names and passwords to no avail. Tonight I was sufficiently in tune to use the magic "Oh you forgot your username DUMAZZ" link and I have returned.

I suppose to almost everyone their mother was a saint, so I will not bore the reader (or two if someone else wanders by) with all of the details as to how she made our house a home and never made an enemy in her entire life. The last 6 years or so must have been tough on her since she sank quite quickly into the land of alzheimers. Equally tough on my sister I would say.

I thought of my mother when I couldn't log in here. I thought of the poor children being "raised" today by offendminists who would lock the doors of their houses and leave their children out in the cold. My mother was always home for me and I never knew the fear of being locked out in the cold.

I believe that my mother is in a better place now. I pray that she has met God and received the eternal reward that she richly deserves.

God Bless You Mom.

You are missed here.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Open For Business

Blogging as a business?
Sure like the gummint is a bidness.
Much sound and fury and no outcome.
Okay, so I was told by a friend that he could not reply to my blog, thus forcing me to learn the absolute minimum about blogtech. In this case it involved changing my settings. This so completed, I will now sit back and await the tumultous hoards who will rush here and pontificate on my opines.

Or not.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

There Have Always Been Prostitutes

They call it the "oldest profession" and the liberal media devotes hours every year pushing for legalization. I had always assumed that this effort was just a method for some crotch dominated journalists to get a free-bie, but now I have come to see the mind game at play here.
The best of the pros, I have been told, extract great fortunes from their johns, not only for their physical prowess and appearance, but for their "pitch". This, simply put, is their ability to look you in the eye and lie their roddam off. "Yes baby you are the greatest", etc etc right down to the bottom of your wallet. Since recent news stories suggest that these girls make over $4000 an hour, the journalist's appeal for a free shot must be the motivation for these legalization stories, right?

Wrong buckoo! The reason is right in front of you every time you turn on the MSM---Professional Courtesy.

What is Dan Rather if not a male whore? Couric- a perky harlot. Stephanopolis? More of the same. You see these people take great amounts of money for looking you in the eye electronically and lying their hillaries off. Every day they are out pitching for their masters. Feeding the sheeple if you will. You wouldn't give someone $17M a year to read the news.
But for the skill required to screw millions of minds for hours every day?
The madam at the Mustang Ranch would blush.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Why Quasifems Are Liberal

Quasifems are geniuses. It took me awhile to recognize this, but being a man, I am always a step behind the other gender when it comes to societal structuring. I suppose that it is genetic- after all if it were not for women setting up housekeeping in caves years ago, me and my buds would still be wandering around the prarie looking for a dinosaur to kill. Or ideas to the effect therein.

Feminism, having accomplished the majority of it's goals, has wandered aimlessly for at least half a generation and has mutated into several recognizable strains. Prefeminist successful women were seen as outside the mainstream. There may have been thousands of female scientists, athletes, achievers and the like, but they were seen as women working in a man's world. Not so today. Few professions are exclusive terroritory for either gender and most allow fair and open competition between the sexes. Hence traditional feminists are so mainstream as to be redundant. What is left, is far left- the offendminist, a feminist who exists solely to offend mainstream Americans. Even the other biproducts of the revolution-- the woeman, WHOAman and womyn have faded back and allowed the media to cherry pick the morons of NOW and worse as the spokeswomen of feminism. Hidden within the bullwork was a subtype so insidious that it's very existance has, heretoward, toiled in secret. My friends, I speak of the most powerful of all, the Quasifeminist.

The QF, is a product of babyboomerism. Having seen the changes, especially in the workplace, the QF knows the startpoint and fears the endpoint of acceptable feminist influence upon American culture. Being there as formerly all male workplaces were "feminized" through rampant sexual harassment litigation, seeing thousands of unhappy women receiving compenation for their losses, real and imagined, yet remaining unhappy, the QF heard the quiet whispers of normal women and knew that they were starting to lose ground.

You see, for every aggrieved "victim" destroying "sperm donors" financially in Family Court, there was a second wife, who suffered from the largesse of the legal manhaters. For normal women in the workforce, the difference between a sexual harassment victim and a conniving bitch was a narrow line. QF shook when their idol Perfesser Anita Hill was derided a lying lesbian by other women. The philosophical rationale to destroy men to enhance the sisterhood (as in hoodlum) was a dying art. The ego driven need to kill their own babies as a display of power was dying off with the boomer scum. QFs, the brains behind what was a dying movement, had to do something.

And being geniuses, they did it all. They created the MSM image that all women had to stick together and that independent thought was to be derided. All women must share the same values and those values had to be liberal values. At first, I had thought this was another classic attack on the patriarchy in general and religion in specific, since liberal women lived lives of lies, especially below the waste. By demeaning any traditional institution that placed limits upon sluthood, they could simply "feel" better. No, my friends, it is much more diabolical than that.

You see, an entire generation of young women are rejecting the society shaking of their mothers and are staying home to actually be mothers, instead of just playing at the job. Additionally, many working women have come to the realization that they have been victimized into working outside the home, not by mean abusive nasty men, but rather an entertainment culture focused upon the consumption of products as a way to happiness. As more and more women left the workforce, there became fewer total workers and wages per employee increased. These trends, if allowed to mature unchecked, would have allowed women to stay home with their children and be supported by a (gasp) male breadwinner.

Since few QFs had any possibility of landing one of them, they had only one choice- continue to sell the "women's issues must be liberal issues" approach. A brilliant plan, working under the radar of the MSM, and a plan that cannot fail. By pushing liberal democrat ideology, and female sheepeople DEMANDING that government be all things to all, the COST of government increases geometrically, which would then FORCE women to work JUST to pay the family's taxes. This is a classic twofer: the women involved would be unhappy that they were forced to work and as the taxes spiral out of control, more and more marriages would end in divorce as couples fight over money, creating an entire new group of bitter women seeking recourse through the Family Courts (paid for by those tax dollars).

So here it is in synopsis:
QF propandize women into liberalism
Liberalism becomes institutionalized through government.
Taxes spiral out of control.
Women have to work to pay the increased taxes.
Unhappy women make more feminists.

Sad but true.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It's Lonely At The Bottom

Slogging it out on the old blog again, with no knowledge as to whether anyone has even noticed. It's lonely at the bottom. At times like these, a little self reflection is in order.
1. I cannot change who I am. Certainly I can choose what to post and how to post it, but as Polonius once said to Laertes (two guys in shipping): First of all, to thine own self be true. Then thou canst not be false to any other man. That's why you get for switching the double cheeseburger for the chicken sandwich on the lunch order/
2. Actually, there is no 2. 1 said it all.

And so here I am, checking back to see if anyone said hello. Or "Go ^%$* yourself. Or, "hey dude I said no pickles." It's not like the fate of the free world hinges on the outcome. And if I really wanted feedback, I could print it out and post it in a bowling alley near Janet Reno's house and count the hours before she sent in flamethrowers.

Anyway, you get what you pay for. Anybody see the ketchup?